Rollercoaster ride

As I put my legs around your thighs

Our body temperature begins to rise

You lean forward and suck on my breast

As I rub my fingers along your chest

My pussy juices start to drop on your dick

As I push you deep inside my clit

I moan so loud and you start off slow

I scream and beg you daddy for more and more

I start to shake and shiver as you pick up the pace

While landing kissing along your face

You pump inside of me faster and faster

While our cum begins to build like lather

I scream your name while you smack my ass

Ecstasy builds and I start cumming fast

So we will pick up doggy style in part two

I scream, you fuck me while it’s your neck that I hold

U thrust once more and release your load

This rollercoaster of a ride is always the best with you

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