If your gut instincts tell you that this Rico Suave motherfu**er is lying and trying to run game, 110% his ass is doing just that. You know when you can tell someone is lying but you try to give them the benefit of the doubt? That’s what my dumbass did! My advice is DON’T!! . He may seem like the nicest person and swear to be all that and a bag of chips but trust and believe those chips are all out of date and stale as hell. You should definitely call bullshit if he swears he is blessed downstairs and when you finally get ready to put out and this motherfuc*er doesn’t have anything to put in. Be pissed, get the hell up and when he say you wrong, tell his ass he wrong for lying in the first place; getting your hopes up like he was about to do damage but can’t even burst a grape!!

Get yo ass up and tell that boy bye!!!

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