Reality of it All

Why are women considered hoes if we doing the same things men doing? Now back in the day I Definitely was not a Saint, some may have considered me a hoe, Hell Me Too! But hey if men get to do what they want I believe we should be able to!! I mean I’m All for equality so hell when it comes to me being pleased, I’m all for it. I feel like if they can get their 2 minutes nuts, than B**ch I can get mine. I mean if some were actually good than we wouldn’t have to sleep with anyone else especially if your di*k lined with Gold like you say it is. I know you thinking that’s why she is a single parent now, but go ahead and scratch that sh*t out of your head, I just was played like a 20 year old PlayStation. I mean this dude was good we were staying together and he had a whole wife on the side! So we as women can’t have eggs in different baskets and just supposed to sit there and twiddle our damn thumbs hoping that he is the one… Um no ma’am that ship has sailed and sunk!


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