Know your place!

These damn men think they really entitled to getting cooda! Than they have the nerve to get mad. Like they really thought they  was gonna get something but they  ain’t getting none of my good stuff…  no sir but  if they ass want to get a foot in the door, pay a bill, wash my car do something. Don’t just pop up thinking you in the door already! Like dang I mean it’s bad enough to waste time on one fool. I wasn’t mad at the being played part just all the penis I missed out in the process. Hell he should’ve told me that’s what we was doing so I could have been getting mine in and not having to fake orgasms. No, I’m not talking shit just speaking the truth. I mean if you suck at having sex and you were cheating the least you could do was eat my box good and not bite me in the damn process. Lord that was the most pain I ever felt this damn fool almost gave me a genital mutilation. I had to check to see if I was in the mother land or some shit because it shocked the shit out of me. Than had the nerve to look at me and ask if it felt good, Bit*h no!!!

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