Stop Frontin

It’s so damn funny to me how men and women act like they don’t go down! Like I remember when I was younger one of my older female family members was like uh uh I don’t suck peter. Than she really had the nerve to say Girl that’s nasty because  they pee from that. The sad part is she was married so you know good and damn well she giving head but was to ashamed to admit it. I mean as long as you monogamous than why should it matter. You better get your ass off of that high horse because trust and believe me what you won’t do somebody else will. You think Marvin Sease made a whole 10 min song about going down just to be talking? If you don’t know listen to Candy Licker and tell me if I’m lying. I ain’t gonna lie if my man wanted it you best believe I’m gonna be going in like it’s 110 degrees outside and he the popsicle! Just keeping it real!

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