The Nudist

I don’t know why men think just because they show you their di*k you are going to be amazed. I remember I had met this guy and he was like hey let’s chill so my homegirls was like bihhh , I’m writing down the license plate and when you get to his room let me know what building. I was like ok but ain’t shit going to happen because we just chilling. I get to the room and not  3 minutes in and this fool talking about you want a massage I said if you want but to let you know you ain’t getting no ass. So he start massaging me and this dude was rough as hell!! Like you really think Ima give you some ass now Oh Nooo! So the movie comes on and he is like oh yea I’m a Nudist. I looks at him like What The F***? and just ok. So this dude got butt ass naked and thought I was supposed to be surprised by the size of his penis like he knew his shit was big and was like did it make you change your mind? I said no this ain’t the first time I seen dick and I’ve seen bigger so he got behind me trying to rub on me again and once again his ass got curved and I couldn’t wait for that damn movie to be over so I could get the hell up out of there! When he dropped me off he was like maybe, you will give in next time I said no I’m celibate and he was mad as hell! I just walked away laughing because he really didn’t get none of this good stuff!

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