Wake up

Now I don’t want y’all to think I’m all about sex but hell if that’s what you bringing to the table I expect a full course meal damn it! I’m sick of people saying what they gonna do but when the shoe is on the other foot you can’t seem to lace that b**ch up. Now women y’all know sometimes we get lazy as hell too but hey we deserve  to be focused on every once in a while… just don’t let that shit become a habit cuz the next miserable bi*ch waiting for you to slip up. Just like you make sure that weave tight your sex game and your cooda needs to be the same! Hell get your ass up and do some squats so you can stay on your sh*t. And we all know the good di*k is usually the one that’s taken if he ain’t yours and if he is do some damn jump squats cuz trust me they lurking!  I know y’all all like how can she give advice and she doesn’t even have a man.. Simple because I don’t want one. I have never woke up feeling so free in my damn life! The only thing I need a man for is to lay pipe consistently and hell from past experiences that wasn’t even done right. I wake up happy as hell until I have to take my black ass to work but hey that’s another topic..

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