Almost Got Away

They say a woman’s intuition is never wrong and that’s exactly what led Jennifer and I together and that good ole social media. Jennifer started liking pics on my fb and you know how you get that gut instinct, the one you get that feels like someone dropped kicked yo ass well I surely felt it. So, of course you know I turned into my Private Eye Detective 3000, started looking into pics all they way to 2011 of course, after I added her as a friend. So low and behold I found what I was looking for a picture in front of the house we stayed in together and the 2008 Kawasaki XL that’s in my name. I told her that bike belonged to my fiance’ and she said that was her husbands’ bike. So we each talked to him but of course he played like he had a cousin who had a wife with me and with her he said his cousin had a girl. A few weeks went by and she liked another picture and she had his picture on her profile so I sent a face time pic of him and I talking. I was so damn petty I even described his penis and told her how one ball sack is smaller than the other and on the left one there is a mole. I told her I could describe his boxers in his dressers because I bought those bitches. I even sent her the amazon account we had together and told her to match up the shit in the closet. Damn PETTY I know!! You know all hell broke loose on his end because 4 years ain’t shit to her 12 years of commitment and I wish like Hell I was there to put my foot in his ass. So he definitely had been touched by an angel because Hell Has No Fury Like A woman Scorned!

To be continued…

All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Almost Got Away

  1. Girllllllll lol this is crazyyyyyyyyy! The question is what did the wife do about this! Years or no years he would have been X’ed out of my life without a conversation after you described all that stuff. I’m happy you both caught him up!! Maybe he won’t try that on no one else.

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