Yesterday’s Trash!

You know that moment how you always seem to move on with your new partner and that someone from the past pops back up in your life and you contemplate getting back with them? Don’t!!! Their miserable ass realized the person they chose over you isn’t as good as you and now they want you back. I know they say if it comes back it’s meant to be but I think that saying should be if they come back their ass couldn’t find nobody else to deal with their bullsh**. Now I know some cases are different but those are slim to none. If you know you had someone who put you through hell, move on. If you know that person was a no good piece of sh**, move on. If you ever had to wait up at night and try to figure out why they aren’t at home like they said they would be and it’s 1:45 am, move on. You know your worth so why settle for less! Quit being scared to be alone and find you! No need to deal with drama when you can be peaceful by your damn self until you are ready for the one for you. Quit settling and do you!

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