Online experience!!

I don’t even know why I took my black ass on this website online to meet new people. I mean I just wanted to meet people who could be friends. Well this guy who works with me hit me up and said he saw me in the gym a lot and I was cool when he said I have a girl so I’m looking for friendship. I was so damn ecstatic thinking this nigg* meant that shit. Now I should’ve known this was code just so he could try to smash and later be like I already got a girl.. Than we exchanged numbers and said we can hang out one day so I was like ok.. The next day this damn dude texted me asking me could he nap at my house. I said hell no cuz I really don’t know you like that. He was like I’m tired and you tired so it’s cool. I said no and besides I don’t think your girl would appreciate that. This dude said we in an open relationship and we do what we want. I said than that isn’t a real relationship and I was cool. He asked me did I have Snapchat so we exchanged id info and this dumbass just sent me a video of him touching himself without even asking me. I was like wtf!! So I tried to save it in case I needed it for like worst case scenarios. My dumb ass didn’t know that Snapchat tells them you save it and even screenshot it!! So basically I wasn’t the piece of ass he thought he was gonna get!! These damn dudes will never learn.

4 thoughts on “Online experience!!

  1. Alot of guys are pervs.
    Friendship is very tricky.
    When a guy wants be your friend 9/10 he is looking to smash.
    Another it’s his way of asking you to be his side chick.
    I respect that you said no to him.
    Some girls don’t give a fuck and still would have sex with s guy that had a gf or married.
    Be careful
    Keep your head up

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  2. Btw also if a guy has a gf or married then he really has no reason to look for new female friends because your gf is suppose to be like tour best friend.
    So if a guy has a gf and asking you to be his friend’s he just want something from u

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