Checked out

There are times where you are so caught up on someone else that you misplace yourself in the process. Hell there has been plenty of times that I’ve had to run across the lost and found and checked myself out from times and places where I truly lost myself. Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on other people and try to find that happiness with them when you don’t even realize you won’t be truly happy until you are happy within. The other day I was listening to a song by Keisha Brown called I’m Leaving Married Men Alone and she took me back to somewhere I knew I should have never gotten my black ass in the first place. It’s not my fault at first I didn’t know but than I was too emotionally attached to want to let it go and after realizing that Karma is a Bit**, I decided I’m worth more than opening my legs for someone who will never be mine. No matter how many promises we made prior to me finding out those were just borrowed words that he took from her and let me hold on to them just so that he could have his cake and eat it too. The point of this is to realize your worth and you don’t have to confide in anyone else to make you feel worthy just know that you are. If they aren’t treating you like the queen or king that you are, quit letting them borrow space in your life and realize you gots to do better!!

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