Here we go…

Everyone is probably thinking, “Now why this damn black girl done got up here on a blog.” Hell, I was thinking the same damn thing but I enjoy writing; no matter how much improper English I may use. It simply defines me. We all fall for the same damn situations when dealing with guys or girls so I wanted to just laugh about silly past experiences or situations where I have came from.

For myself, I am a single mother who has dealt with a no good man. (I want to say another term but I won’t). See for me, I was that stupid chick who was eating every damn bite this fool fed me. I ended up in a relationship where I found out this dude was living a damn double life after being with him for 4 years. He went through everything to make sure his wife and I didn’t know about each other which was simple, because our schedules aligned perfect and for those that know the Army life can be predictable at times. Now I found out through Facebook because some chick kept liking my daughters pictures. I sent her a damn friend request because I was stationed in Korea. She and I began chatting and long story short we have the same damn man, only I had just had his child and they had been married for 12 years.

Fuck My Life Right

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Just Keeping it real

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