Know Your Worth

It’s always ironic how you can give someone all of your damn attention, time or effort and they still play your ass. Like why waste our time, when there was plenty of potential guys chasing us. When we finally move on and start living our best lives, here they come bringing their dusty ass around the corner talking about “I want you back.” Uhh yea no thanks, hell they couldn’t have came when we were in depression or crying over them. Instead, they see you making moves and doing great so that’s when they try to bring their no good, devil-di*k having asses back. Although, they will not bring anything to the table, they love the back and forth shit and will continue to block your blessings. So sis, please know that you deserve happiness and a peace of mind. No matter what happens in your life, don’t settle for anyone just because of the d. Find someone that is equally yolked for you; which means someone that matches you in every way they need to match. Sometimes sex or fake love does block us from being at our highest potential. But, once you lock that thang down and focus on doing you everything will fall in place.

Published by klitter91

Just Keeping it real

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