3 F’s in Life

Why is it that when women act the same way as men, we get labeled with some derogatory name. I have heard the expression it takes one key to open a lock but damn what if that key tested many other locks at the same time as they were testing your lock. Do we not try to find another key that fits or are we expected to sit there like dumb asses because we are women. When I was growing up, my grandma used to always say, ” Don’t do that, because people talk.” My complete attitude and process was hell they talked about Jesus too and I’m no better. I am so fed up with how society thinks when it comes to women acting a certain way which is why I go by the 3 F’s in Life. If you are not feeding, financing, or fuc*ing me than your ass is irrelevant. Ask yourself these questions: FEEDING- When I am engaging with her, am I providing her with any benefit? Am I able to bring something to the table? Do I help her in a way so that she isn’t struggling? Am I able to feed her spirit and make sure she is consistently growing? If any of your answers to these questions are no, this would apply to you. Financing- Do I help her pay any bills? Do I lend her money when she comes short? Am I able to support her every need? No woman wants a broke b*tch. Fu*king- In order to even reach this step, you must be able to contribute to the other F’s that were stated. I mean, who the hell wants to give up their good stuff to someone who can’t even benefit them besides being able to bust a nut. If you aren’t helping out in general, do not expect to be busting anything open. I have to say this because we are dealing with a whole different breed. The 3 F’s should a mandated law in anyone’s life!!!

Published by klitter91

Just Keeping it real

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