Kitty’s Litter

Hmmmm where do I start? Well I’m 26 and a single parent but not by choice. Her trash ass sperm donor decided he was going to live a double life… like who the hell does that at this age and time?!!! Might as well put it out there but I had to be with the biggest con artists that El Paso had to offer and my blind ass thought he was different. If your significant other checks on you nonstop you may think it’s all cute and sweet. But do me a favor push damn pause and ask yourself why the hell are they calling so much maybe so they don’t get caught up with the other side piece or pieces in his case. I knew him by (Kevin) not the real name , his wife knew him by David (again not the real name) and the sad part is he preached family and loyalty and his ass didn’t hold any of those damn qualities.
So my Blog is my Life… my story …and all of it will be true including the sex stories (except the names)Enjoy!!