The Nudist

I don’t know why men think just because they show you their di*k you are going to be amazed. I remember I had met this guy and he was like hey let’s chill so my homegirls was like bihhh , I’m writing down the license plate and when you get to his room let me […]

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Stop Frontin

It’s so damn funny to me how men and women act like they don’t go down! Like I remember when I was younger one of my older female family members was like uh uh I don’t suck peter. Than she really had the nerve to say Girl that’s nasty because  they pee from that. The […]

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Wake up

Now I don’t want y’all to think I’m all about sex but hell if that’s what you bringing to the table I expect a full course meal damn it! I’m sick of people saying what they gonna do but when the shoe is on the other foot you can’t seem to lace that b**ch up. […]

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Know your place!

These damn men think they really entitled to getting cooda! Than they have the nerve to get mad. Like they really thought they  was gonna get something but they  ain’t getting none of my good stuff…  no sir but  if they ass want to get a foot in the door, pay a bill, wash my […]

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Reality of it All

Why are women considered hoes if we doing the same things men doing? Now back in the day I Definitely was not a Saint, some may have considered me a hoe, Hell Me Too! But hey if men get to do what they want I believe we should be able to!! I mean I’m All […]

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If your gut instincts tell you that this Rico Suave motherfu**er is lying and trying to run game, 110% his ass is doing just that. You know when you can tell someone is lying but you try to give them the benefit of the doubt? That’s what my dumbass did! My advice is DON’T!! . […]

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Tell it like it is!

Hmmmm where do I start? Well I’m 26 and a single parent but not by choice. Her trash ass sperm donor decided he was going to live a double life… like who the hell does that at this age and time?!!! Might as well put it out there but I had to be with the […]

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